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David has over 45 years’ experience as a marketing and publicity expert. His background includes Vice President of International Marketing at Paramount Pictures, and Vice President of Corporate Communications at Trimark Pictures. In addition to being a production consultant to Warner Brothers’ “The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning,” and worked on Sony’s “The Lodger,” “Felon,” “Anaconda 3&4,” “The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day,” “Universal Soldier: A New Beginning,” among others. Van Houten produces Bonus footage material and Electronic Press Kits for feature films as well as television features and television series, including Voltage Pictures’ “Escapee” and “True Justice.”

Borderline Hollywood was taken over in 2022 by UK based producer Paul M Green (who was the previous European Arm of Borderline Hollywood) 

Borderline will have both bases in Manchester, UK as well as in Los Angeles USA.  

Van Houten will continue to be associated with Borderline Hollywood, USA


The full potential of Behind the Scenes Documentaries and EPK material is evolving into other platforms and uses.


Our creative team understands the breadth and depth of these trends, and they are prepared to address them in all production materials.

Many filmmakers and actors are very aware of the marketing value and other types of potential for producing exciting and interesting Behind the Scenes material.


Head of Production / CEO / Chief Editor / Producer

Paul has over 25 years’ experience in the Film and Television industry including working in marketing for Granada Television in Manchester.

In the last 25 years, Paul has Produced, Filmed and Edited countless Live Events, Programmes and Documentaries in the Music and entertainment genres from working with legendary stars and artists to having many BBC DVD / Blu-ray top 10 chart Positions.

He wants Borderline Hollywood to continue to offer their great value filming services to help create stunning Behind the Scenes and Bonus materials for Film, Broadcast and Social media Platforms. 

He is both honoured and delighted to take over as CEO of Borderline Hollywood to begin an exciting new chapter in Film and Television Production.



Editor / Producer (Film, Music Videos, Television)

Austin is the team’s Los Angeles based editor and graphic artist, overseeing projects from Pre-Production to Post-Production. His technical skills have helped him work on projects ranging from Music Video’s, Feature Films, Short Films and Live Productions. A true industry professional and a superb creative editor.

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Camera Operator

Gwyn Hemmings is a highly experienced videographer with over a decade of work on projects in Film, Television, and Music while part of the Borderline Hollywood team Gwyn will provide stunning interviews and B-roll material telling the story of your project just the way you want it.

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Camera Operator

Ben is also a highly experienced videographer with many years of work on projects in Film, Television, and Music, etc. 

While part of the Borderline Hollywood team Ben will provide stunning interviews and B-roll material telling the story of your project just the way you want it.


Camera Operator

Chris Fleming is a superb  videographer with over 10 years experience since his first professional credit for Sky in 2012. 

Chris not only has amazing creative vision he also backs that up with in depth technical knowledge of cameras and equipment having served as a senior senior camera technician making him a invaluable on any production.

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Client Liaison / Project Coordinator
(Los Angeles USA Based)

Chris has been working in entertainment production for over 20 years.

From Sporting Events to Major Rock Festivals and Broadway Tours.
Chris is our North America client liaison and project coordinator, coordinating with your production team and our Borderline Hollywood crew to make sure we deliver.

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Client Liaison

Ian has been working in Client Liaison for over 30 years.

His role is to make sure we supply the right production for your specific requirements and within your budgets.

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